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About us

Bellamont Topiary - Eyre Sykes

Bellamont Topiary was started ten tears ago with ten year old stock from a nursery in Bolton which was closing down so today some of our older stock is as much as twenty years old! We believe knowing your plants history is important, whether choosing specimens or hedging. The length of time a plant has been in transit, the climatic and soil conditions they were grown in and how the plants were lifted will all influence their establishment and health, especially larger older specimens, and hence the emphasis on British grown trees.

At Bellamont topiary we are passionate about cultivating and shaping our trees, every effort is made to ensure dense, healthy, well cut plants leave us and arrive at their destination in top condition. All our trees are cut by hand shears and we offer a wide range of geometric shapes with a large choice of different widths and heights, animals and other curiosities of which many are unique to the nursery.

Most of our stock is buxus sempervirens (common box), however we also grow the variegated varieties "Elegantisima"(green leaf with a cream margin) "latifolia maculata"(yellow leaf that turns green later in the season) and "suffruticosa" (the dwarf box) as well as other less well-known varieties that are explained in the price list.

We can also offer bespoke topiary frames made by local artist and sculptor Martin Debenham made to your design and specifications, these stainless steel frames provide an attractive feature in your garden until the box plants have filled the shape.

To help you maintain your topiary there is a selection of pruning tools and ladders made by 'NIWAKI', after a decade in the topiary business we have found through trial and error, these tools to be unrivalled in design, quality and durability and are used by all the staff on the nursery.

The nursery is open all year Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm. Weekend visits can be arranged by appointment. Orders can also be made by telephone, fax and email and transportation can be arranged to anywhere in the U.K.

We look forward to meeting you and showing you around the nursery.
Harriet and Eyre Sykes